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LSM-85-S-P: La San Marco 85s (Practical) commercial espresso machine


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Regular Price: $5,425.00

Special Price: $3,726.00

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La San Marco 85s (Practical) commercial espresso machine

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Which is the Best Espresso Machine?

We love La San Marco's 85 series for its reliability and durable construction.  

This model's A+ track record has contributed to La San Marco’s continued success worldwide.

Why we like the 85 S:


What this means to you

Dedicated Fresh Water Heat Exchanger

The longer water is held at high temperature the more likely it will experience reduced oxygenation. Just as in tea brewing, the best espresso is made with fresh, cold water brought quickly to temperature and used to extract immediately.

Increases extraction capacity by devoting a dedicated hot-water reservoir to each brewing group while freeing up the boiler for uninterrupted steaming.

Dedicated heat exchanger for each group improves temperature control, keeping water for brewing at the optimal temperature while allowing hotter water for steaming to be produced in a separate boiler.

Toggle Steam Valves

Toggle steam valves are the fastest and most effective steam valves in the industry. They are measurably faster than standard rotary valves because they are turned off and on by one comfortable up or down motion. Prove it to yourself by trying it!

Toggle valves encourage an operator movement that keeps the wrist joint in the most natural position instead of a twisting motion which increases joint stress and pain. Repetitive Motion Injury is one of the most common and most expensive employee injuries that employers face today.

Toggle steam and hot water valves are highly durable, unlike conventional rotary valves which are subject to wear and failure from over-tightening.

Cold Water Flow Meter

The flowmeter is a vital electronic component of any espresso machine's brewing system. Hot water flowmeters can easily pick up scale resulting in inaccurate shots and the need for professional servicing. La San Marco provides a cold-water system to produce consistent, clean and accurate shots.

Nickel-Plated Copper Boilers

Nickel plated boilers are the most expensive and most desirable type of construction because, unlike stainless steel, they contract and expand well with heat and pressure in the machine, eliminating the potential for fitting failure.

La San Marco's commercial quality boilers have an unblemished record, without a single reported boiler failure in a Michaelo-sold machine.

Full-Size Rotary Pump

Made for heavy-duty espresso production, long life and ease of service. External pumps are repairable without removing side panels on the machine.

An external pump maximizes space inside the machine for the largest possible boiler.

Superior Group Head Design

La San Marco groups have the heaviest and thickest group head diffuser made for espresso machines. These diffusers will not warp over time and maintain good seals for consistent water distribution over the group heads, producing a better shot of espresso.
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Part Number LSM-85-S-P

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